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academic abilities

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College Coach Deb Let me help you complete the marathon of the college process… Together we'll take the steps to cross the finish line! As a state-certified school counselor in both New Jersey and New York with 15 years of admissions experience, I have helped hundreds of students get accepted to the college of their choice. As your college search consultant, I will provide you with the individualized attention, information, and tools you need to find the right college for your child.

academic abilities


  Promoting students' belief in their academic abilities is key to ...    
Instead of solely fostering high schoolers' self-esteem to curb African-American
dropout rates, school social workers and educators should focus on the ... academic abilities at  
  Affirmative Development of Academic Abilities    
The Affirmative Development of Academic Ability Program is based on the assumption
that academic abilities are not simply inherited aptitudes but are ... academic abilities at  
Grab some paper and a pencil and answer the following questions: (You could also
print this page, then answer the questions.) 2. Your academic Abilities: ... academic abilities at  
  Academic Abilities/Skills Profiling Exercise (MAPPING)    
A simple exercise to profile your academic abilities and skills, to identify
areas that need improvement. Useful for continuous professional development. academic abilities at  
  Understanding the learning differences between academic abilities ...    
The purpose of this study was to seek an understanding of what discrepancies
existed between academic abilities and demonstrated practical intelligence in ... academic abilities at  

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